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The best kind of regrets

As I’ve been going through my old stuff I’ve been confronted with the following:I used to be an absolute butcher. Let me clarify, I loved modding, converting and kitbashing (that wasn’t a term yet back then as far as I recall btw). Still do. But it kind of hit me that I was very wastefulMeer lezen over “The best kind of regrets”


Hi For the purpose of this blog I shall call myself Oldhammerfart. There’s a few simple reasons for that:I did most of my wargaming, pen and paper rp, hobbying, ect during the 90’s. By the time Warhammer fantasty battle 6th/7th edition came about I had moved onto music. Now I’m halfway my 30’s, married withMeer lezen over “Oldhammerfart”

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