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Welcome to the OldHammerFart blog.
Where I try to hammer out a blog about oldhammer like an old fart.

Recente berichten

Scouting for hobby materials.

If you’re anything like me, a wargamer who finds his roots back in the 90’s, you look at todays terrain with some mixed feelings.And I do mean mixed 50/50 both good and bad.The good: many companies offer some very nicely detailed terrain, stuff we could only dream of back then. The plastic parts that came…

OldHammerFart Strikes again!

A quickie with a few updates, one of those things I’ll probably delete afterwards. Yes, things have been slower than a one legged zombie dragging itself through the swamps in the hopes of getting a night out in the city of Miragliano. I’d say perhaps party his brains out,…however chances are there’s already little left…hungry…

The best kind of regrets

As I’ve been going through my old stuff I’ve been confronted with the following:I used to be an absolute butcher. Let me clarify, I loved modding, converting and kitbashing (that wasn’t a term yet back then as far as I recall btw). Still do. But it kind of hit me that I was very wasteful…

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